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For the majority of our projects, the JD Sheth Foundation partners with other organizations of similar mindset so that we can make the biggest impact possible. Our 2019 schedule of projects is full and we are no longer taking submissions for this year. If you or your organization has a project that you would like our foundation to consider for 2020 funding, please fill out the form below prior to October 1, 2019. You will get a response once we have received the submission, but please note that decision for funding won’t occur until our annual board meeting in the fall. All approved projects will then be scheduled for 2020 completion dates.

Thank you for your interest in working with our foundation and we look forward to reviewing your project proposal!

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Please give cost breakdowns and specific numbers if possible. You may email bids/quotes or supporting documents if helpful to, using your organization name and project description in the subject.
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Expected timelines, including start date and deadlines, to complete the project
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How does your project fit within our mission?